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Post Prohibition World; Social Impacts of Legalization – Cannabis Video Digest (EP 005)

A Post Prohibition World; The Social Impact of Legal Medical Marijuana and more from the Cannabis Digest this week October 11th – 17th, 2014

with Owen Smith



Oct 11

UK Drug Policy Slow to Shift

By Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles keeps us up to speed with #Cannabis in the #UK

UK Drug Policy Slow to Shift – Cannabis Digest

Scotland has one of the worse records for “drug associated crime” in Europe; maybe a legalization model could have been implemented. We will never know




Oct 13

By Judith Stamps

Judith Stamps attends the SensibleBC conference and talks about lessons learned.

Marijuana in a Post Prohibition World: Reflections On Mark Haden’s views – Cannabis Digest



Oct 14

Top 5 Social Impacts of Legal Medical Marijuana

By Dieter Macpherson

Legal Medical Marijuana – 5 Social Impacts – Cannabis Digest

Legalizing Medical Marijuana can have profound positive impacts not only on a person, but a society




Oct 15

WILD WEST: Contrasting Clubs and L.P.’s

By Ted Smith

Ted Smith outlines the four ways to obtain medical #cannabis in Canada and the struggles of medical #marijuana distributors

The Wild West: Contrasting Clubs & LP’s – Cannabis Digest




Oct 16

5 Reasons Doctors Don’t Sign Pot Prescriptions

By Owen Smith

The Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons in #Canada suggests that “#doctors should be able to sign a declaration whereby a patient meets broad criteria for accessing #marijuana for medical use rather than a document akin to a prescription, to deal with issues of liability for clinicians.”

5 Reasons Doctors Don’t Sign Pot Prescriptions – Cannabis Digest



Oct 17

An Interview with Marc Emery

By Ted Smith

“That moment, opening the door and coming through was like going through a time/space portal, from a world of black & white into a starburst of colours.”

Flying High Again: An Interview with Marc Emery – Cannabis Digest

“Soon after Marc Emery was released from prison I bugged him to grant me an interview … Here is what he had to…


Owen Smith
I have been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. My articles are closely related to the constitutional challenge I launched in response to charges i received while making edible and topical cannabis medicines for members of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club. I cover the many details of our successful challenge while comparing and contrasting with medical cannabis movements around the world.

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