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The Right to Grow; Extract Interveners and Baker Basics – Cannabis Video Digest (EP 010)

The Right to Grow; Extract Interveners and Baker Basics and more from the Cannabis Digest this week November 15th – 21st, 2014

with Owen Smith

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Nov. 15th

Matt Mernagh

Canadian Cannabis Champ Matt Mernagh weighs in on the Right to Grow our own Medicine

The Right to Grow Our Own Medicine – Cannabis Digest



Nov. 16th

Ted Smith

“settling North America would have been much more difficult if it were not for the high quality rope, paper and canvas that was made from hemp”

Hemp in the United States – Cannabis Digest



Nov. 17th

Al Graham

“For Alison, and many others, advocating is a 24 hour job. Her the phone rings every day, as the calls come in to her home from all around the world.”

Alison Myrden Cannabis Crusader – Cannabis Digest



Nov. 18th

Kyla Williams

“I do not recommend trying to argue a religious person into reason, by using scripture. That is their domain. Better to simply suggest that cannabis is also a creation of God and let them search out the scripture to prove you wrong.”


Cannabis Sacrament or Demon Weed? – Cannabis Digest

Plants were given to us by God, for our use. It is sound scriptural deduction then, that God also gave the people cannabis.



Nov. 19th

Ted Smith

Though a final date for Owen Smith to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada has not been set yet, Chief Justice McLachlin has formally invited interveners to file and given lawyers on both sides clear dates for submitting documents.

High Court Calls for Extract Interveners – Cannabis Digest



Nov. 20th

Owen Smith

“Olive oil is cheap, not flammable or toxic. It saturates the cells as it carries the cannabinoids across the skin or stomach lining. Cannabinoids are fat soluble so the additional oil increases their bioavailability”

Cannabis Baker Basics: Olive Oil – Cannabis Digest



Nov. 21st

Diane Walsh

“Advocates see hemp not only viable as a food source but for everything from cosmetics to building materials. Industrial-hemp expansion in farming and then manufacturing is defined as having ‘boost-potential’ for the US economy.”

Hemp Rooting into American Industry Once Again – Cannabis Digest


Owen Smith
Owen has been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. Owen’s articles are closely related to his constitutional challenge to legalized cannabis edibles extracts and oils. He is the founder of Ethical Growth Consulting

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