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  • Compassion In The Nation’s Capital, Finally

    Russell Barth The first compassion club or marijuana dispensary in the Ottawa area was Cannapharm, which opened in 1998-99; it was short-lived. It got busted, and there was neither the money nor the wherewithal at the time to keep the dispensary going. In the summer and autumn of 2002, Christine and I ran an informal compassion […]

  • Police Raid Plans: Are You Prepared?

    Ted Smith Anyone working in the illegal cannabis industry needs to be prepared to get arrested at any moment.  A recent rash of police raids on medical cannabis dispensaries across Canada have shown that some organizations are much more prepared than others to deal with the consequences.  Since the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club survived 4 […]

  • From the Ashes Rise a Phoenix

    By Dean Schwind “I’m gonna change you like a remix, Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix” – Fall Out Boy With the winds of change blowing at gale force in the world of medical cannabis it’s challenging to keep up with all the new players, regulations, and landmark legal battles surrounding the weed. Generally, […]

  • The Extract Trial: Issue of Standing

    (Title image: Vancouver Sun) (This is part of a series of blogs by Owen Smith on the Medical Cannabis Extract Trial) On a cold December morning, 4 years after my arrest, I attended the BC Court of Appeal to witness the oral arguments of the two crown prosecutors and my lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, in front […]

  • Maritime Crackdown

    Halifax club strives to recover from Integrated Drug Unit bust   By Jess James In 1998, a small group of friends started a buyers’ group in order to make their cannabis consumption affordable. Black market prices had shot to a whopping ten bucks a gram on the streets. Heavy hitters who were plagued with poverty […]

  • North Island Compassion Club-Raided!

    By Barbara Biley The RCMP raided the North Island Compassion Club in Courtenay on Feb. 18. Five people were held for several hours while the Club was searched. Two people, Ernie Yacub and Bill Myers, have been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. The raid was conducted exactly eleven days after a local […]


    Cannabis dispensaries in Canada, due to a lack of regulation, all operate under unique and individual mandates. As such, the membership requirements of each dispensary differ. We recommend travelling with a copy of your original proof of condition (doctors note) which the CBC of C staff will be happy to provide. It is also recommended […]


    Andrew Brown Editor Welcome to the freshly revamped Cannabis Digest! I am pleased to be able to help out Ted, the awesome staff and members of the CBC of C, and all the current and future readers. I have spent many hours working on this paper —toiling between all of my other commitments and responsibilities […]