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  • Dear Hedy, with love.

  • More Raids on Dispensaries? What in Tarnation?

    Judith Stamps The recent raids on medical cannabis dispensaries in the cities of Nanaimo and Toronto remind us how tenuous is the situation for storefront providers of cannabis medicine. They depend on the charity, good will and enlightened attitudes of city councillors, law enforcement agents, health officials, neighbours, and anyone else with clout. Doctors remain […]

  • Cannabis in Ireland–Part 3 – Luke “Ming the Merciless” Flanagan

    (This is Part 3 of the series on Cannabis in Ireland Read Parts 1 and 2 Here) Owen Smith Many individuals and groups have contributed to change the minds and hearts of the Canadian public and their political representatives. It is because of the actions of these people that Canada is now preparing to remove […]

  • Cannabis and The Green Party of Canada

    This is the Third part of a blog series concerning the upcoming Federal election. Get Out The Cannabis Vote – Part 4 of 5 By Beth Cormier The Green Party of Canada shares a similar view on cannabis as the Liberals – they support full legalization. They have been outspoken in their support of legalizing […]

  • Cannabis Digest Crossword: Toking Politicians

    By Owen Smith The Cannabis Digest has featured a Crossword section in the back pages for the past dozen issues. Follow This link to play the latest Cannabis Digest Crossword Online: Toking Politicians

  • Cannabis and Capital in the Twenty-First Century

    By Judith Stamps Prior to World War I the context for cannabis policy in the US was racial anxiety over Mexican immigrants.  In the interwar years it was anxiety about the newly liberated black culture forming around the American jazz scene, with some spill-off onto Canada via our own prohibitionist, Emily Murphy.  In the 1950s […]

  • Get Out the Cannabis Vote 2015: Part 1

    This is the first part of a five part blog series concerning the upcoming Federal election. By Beth Cormier and Ted Laver On October 19th Canadians have an opportunity to make our voices heard by voting in the federal election. Whether you live in a swing riding, or one with an incumbent MP who is […]

  • Ten Thoughts on the 2015 Canadian Election

    The Obstacle Course and the Manifesto By Judith Stamps I find it helpful, from the emotional standpoint, to think of federal elections as bizarre forms of public sport, multi-dimensional games of chance, perhaps, with parameters that were they not legal, would count as borderline insane.  This image never fails to cheer me up.  On other […]

  • Election Canada: Green Party and The NDP

    Political Movements in Canada, and Why It Is So Difficult to Judge the Leaders   By Judith Stamps To borrow a phrase from Harper, let’s be clear.  From Confederation onward, ruling parties in Canada have dealt inadequately with First Nations, racism, and child poverty.  Since the 1980s they have, in addition, dealt inadequately with affordable […]

  • Election Canada: Conservatives and Liberals

    Thinking About the Federal Election: Blog One: Conservative and Liberal Parties in Canada By Judith Stamps THE CONSERVATIVES.   In 1993, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, then under the leadership of Brian Mulroney, suffered a severe collapse, finding itself with 2 seats in Parliament, 10 short of official party status.  The decade that followed […]