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  • What Is a Cannabis Activist, and Who Cares Anyway?

    By Judith Stamps On November 3rd 2015 Ohioans rejected an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis.  It was a bizarre initiative, backed by a cartel of investors who, had it passed, would have retained exclusive rights to cultivation, production and sale.  It was a blueprint for a clan set to transform itself into a dominion.  The […]

  • Stephen Harper’s Suppository

    By Mark Lehtimaki (Image By Mark Lehtimaki) Putting the Tory back in Suppository Happy Election Canada!

  • Cannabis and The New Democratic Party of Canada

    This is the Third part of a blog series concerning the upcoming Federal election. Get Out The Cannabis Vote – Part 3 of 5 By Beth Cormier The New Democratic Party of Canada In this installment of my blog series for the election, I will talk about The New Democratic Party of Canada and their […]

  • Cannabis and Capital in the Twenty-First Century

    By Judith Stamps Prior to World War I the context for cannabis policy in the US was racial anxiety over Mexican immigrants.  In the interwar years it was anxiety about the newly liberated black culture forming around the American jazz scene, with some spill-off onto Canada via our own prohibitionist, Emily Murphy.  In the 1950s […]

  • Get Out the Cannabis Vote 2015: Part 1

    This is the first part of a five part blog series concerning the upcoming Federal election. By Beth Cormier and Ted Laver On October 19th Canadians have an opportunity to make our voices heard by voting in the federal election. Whether you live in a swing riding, or one with an incumbent MP who is […]

  • Ten Thoughts on the 2015 Canadian Election

    The Obstacle Course and the Manifesto By Judith Stamps I find it helpful, from the emotional standpoint, to think of federal elections as bizarre forms of public sport, multi-dimensional games of chance, perhaps, with parameters that were they not legal, would count as borderline insane.  This image never fails to cheer me up.  On other […]

  • Election Canada: Conservatives and Liberals

    Thinking About the Federal Election: Blog One: Conservative and Liberal Parties in Canada By Judith Stamps THE CONSERVATIVES.   In 1993, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, then under the leadership of Brian Mulroney, suffered a severe collapse, finding itself with 2 seats in Parliament, 10 short of official party status.  The decade that followed […]

  • NORML’s Canada Election Project

    By Paul Lewin On October 19, 2015 Canadians will vote in the most important election in the history of cannabis in Canada.  NORML Canada is usually non-partisan.  We are proudly non-partisan.  However, this election is different.  In this election the Liberals are formally supporting cannabis legalization.  This is a bold, unprecedented position for a major […]

  • Cannabis and the Federal Leadership Debates

    By Judith Stamps Last Thursday, August 6, 2015, the leaders of Canada’s four major political parties participated in a debate hosted by MacLean’s Magazine.  Canada has just entered its 42nd federal election campaign; the election is set for Monday, October 19.  It’s an important election for the cannabis community; patients hope for a better deal […]

  • The Cannabis Swing Vote

    By Jerry Golick Depending on who you talk to, and whose statistics you follow, there are anywhere between one and two million Canadian citizens who use cannabis on a regular basis (for details on how I arrived at this see “Cannabis by the Numbers”:  Add to this the number of people who use it infrequently […]