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  • RvSmith Extract Trial – Arrested and Charged

    (Read Part 1: The Journey Begins) (Owen Smith is writing a series of blogs to tell the whole story of the RvSmith Exract Trial that was recently heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.) Part 2: Arrested and Charged Leading up to my arrest I had plenty of time to think about the consequences of […]

  • What I Learned at ‘The Cannabis Seminar’

    On December 3rd, 2014 I attended The Cannabis Seminar on my home island of Salt Spring, BC. It was presented by Dr. Paul Hornby of Hedron Analytical and Neil Morgan of the newly created Canbis Nutrameds. The event offered Salt Spring Island a rare opportunity to meet other community members with an interest in cannabis. […]

  • Hemp Growing around the World

    By Ted Smith This is the last video explaining chapter 2, Hemp in the Field, of the cannabis activist textbook HEMPOLOGY 101: THE HISTORY AND USES OF CANNABIS SATIVA.  While hemp could grow in virtually every country in the world, unfortunately prohibition has stopped many farmers from planting the crop in many places.  Thankfully, though, […]

  • Activists Jammin in Jamaica

    Skunk Magazine Helps Bring Canadian Activists to Negril  by Ted Smith Jamaica has a natural romanticism that is undeniable. Long before the songs of Bob Marley drifted through the countryside and around the world, the beauty of this paradise attracted others to its shores. Unfortunately, politics and greed have crippled what should be a vibrant […]

  • MMAR Patient Fights Back and Wins

    By Daniel Boughen Last August, I went on a pleasant three week holiday across three lovely provinces, camping in B.C., visiting relatives in Alberta and landing at a family gathering in Saskatchewan. It was a relaxing trip and we and along the way there and back we visited many friends and relatives. It was the […]

  • The Voice: Cannabis and Child Services

      The Voice on the other end of the phone was matter-of-fact. “We are contacting you in regards to a report we have received about your three children.” There are five moments in my life during which I have been able to see clearly that I was in the midst of some radical change–Occasions where […]

  • Attack of the Ad Man

    (Glass Brain Bong featured in anti-pot ads) By Debbie Stultz-Giffin Can you really believe Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s claim that a new anti-drug campaign targeted at teens wasn’t asking Canadian physicians to take a partisan view on cannabis this summer?  Now that the ad campaign has rolled out, it is undeniable! As you may recall […]

  • My Sister, Cannabis and Melanoma Skin Cancer

    (Ceri Smith supporter at the Times Colonist 10K fundraising walk) My Sister’s fight with Melanoma Skin Cancer By Owen Smith In previous articles I’ve focused on the science behind making edible cannabis products, but now i’m going to tell about why I first became involved with this cause. Around 2003 I began to learn about […]

  • Legal Ease – Search and Seizure

      By Jesse Stam Under Section 8 of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every person in Canada is guaranteed “the right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure.” In the event that police conduct an unreasonable search, section 24 of the Charter allows the courts the power to throw out evidence that was […]

  • How I Made My Own Hemp Paper

    By Kristen Mann The International Hempology 101 Society has provided me the opportunity to continue my post secondary education by sponsoring one course a semester for the last two years. This has not only encouraged me to continue working towards my goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree and enhanced my work with the Cannabis Buyers’ […]