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  • Cannabis in Native American’s Culture and Religion

    By M. Allister Greene Less than 500 years ago, this land had tens of millions of people, from thousands of different cultures that lived from the Arctic to the tip of South America, and spread from one coast to the other, in every environment on these continents. We lived, we breathed, we fought, we loved, […]

  • What’s up Doc? Strain Science and The Hemp Car (EP 013)

    What’s up Doc?; Strain Science; The Hemp Electric Car and more from the Cannabis Digest this week December 6th – December12th, 2014 with Owen Smith Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!   NOTES/LINKS   Saturday Dean Schwind I once overheard a young #doctor say to another on an elevator ride, “So, I said to the nurse, […]

  • The Hemp Bio-composite Electric Car (Archive)

    UPDATE: This article was posted from our archives without any alterations . Some commenters have stated this information is now out of date. We apologize for the mixup. (Article originally posted Jan 2011 in the CD archives here) By Diane Walsh Industrial hemp campaign takes a giant leap forward Environmentalists speak often, and prophetically, about the need […]

  • HC Hustle; Concentrated Oil and Vapor Lounges (EP 012)

    The Health Canada Hustle; Concentrated Cannabis Oil; Toronto Vapor Lounges and more from the Cannabis Digest this week November 29nd – December 5th, 2014 with Owen Smith Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!   Saturday Al Graham part of a new commercial industry—a business that caters to consumers in a way to allow them to consume […]

  • Barriers to Hemp Production Crumpling

    By Diane Walsh   Why Not Hemp Paper? Half of the world’s forests have been cut to make paper from wood. Sad, don’t you think? Here’s something you can do about deforestation. Seek out an alternative—fibre sources derived from hemp, that are fresh tree-free. Though not widely publicized, the hemp paper market does exist. It […]

  • Visiting Vapor Lounges in Toronto

    By Al Graham From where I’m sitting, it looks like cannabis is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. It has become part of regular television, with programs such as Weeds and Weed Wars, and it’s part of our clothing industry, as many people have a shirt, a jacket, or some other article with a […]

  • Chinese Hemp Company to Build Factory in Alberta

    By Diane Walsh If you are an investor and have a firm eye on the hemp industry in Western or Central Canada, this might just be the ideal time to jump in with both feet. Alberta Knee Deep in Hemp Alberta appears poised to be a leader for hemp firms which are diversifying processing and […]

  • Cannabis Activism on the Internet

    I was raised in some of the most socially and politically conservative parts of Canada. As a child and young adult, I was well educated in the harms associated with illicit drug use. I had no reason to believe that those lessons were based on bad information. I kept my distance from drugs and had […]

  • Why Grow Organic Cannabis?

    (image: marijuanagrowershq) By Amie Gravell The question most often asked about organics is why use farming practices that were abandoned for easier, bigger yields? There are a wide range of products now readily available for anyone who wishes to choose organic. From food to clothing to personal care products, there are an ever growing number […]

  • Hemp Rooting into American Industry Once Again

    (image: credit) By Diane Walsh Solid political support behind optimistic Congressional bills in the U.S. House and Senate and the “Farm Bill,” along the successful initiatives in Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC legalizing marijuana, spells game change. California has taken the lead in looking to register industrial hemp farmers. Kentucky is not far […]