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  • Cannabis and The New Democratic Party of Canada

    This is the Third part of a blog series concerning the upcoming Federal election. Get Out The Cannabis Vote – Part 3 of 5 By Beth Cormier The New Democratic Party of Canada In this installment of my blog series for the election, I will talk about The New Democratic Party of Canada and their […]

  • Election Canada: Green Party and The NDP

    Political Movements in Canada, and Why It Is So Difficult to Judge the Leaders   By Judith Stamps To borrow a phrase from Harper, let’s be clear.  From Confederation onward, ruling parties in Canada have dealt inadequately with First Nations, racism, and child poverty.  Since the 1980s they have, in addition, dealt inadequately with affordable […]

  • Election Canada: Conservatives and Liberals

    Thinking About the Federal Election: Blog One: Conservative and Liberal Parties in Canada By Judith Stamps THE CONSERVATIVES.   In 1993, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, then under the leadership of Brian Mulroney, suffered a severe collapse, finding itself with 2 seats in Parliament, 10 short of official party status.  The decade that followed […]

  • NORML’s Canada Election Project

    By Paul Lewin On October 19, 2015 Canadians will vote in the most important election in the history of cannabis in Canada.  NORML Canada is usually non-partisan.  We are proudly non-partisan.  However, this election is different.  In this election the Liberals are formally supporting cannabis legalization.  This is a bold, unprecedented position for a major […]

  • The Cannabis Swing Vote

    By Jerry Golick Depending on who you talk to, and whose statistics you follow, there are anywhere between one and two million Canadian citizens who use cannabis on a regular basis (for details on how I arrived at this see “Cannabis by the Numbers”:  Add to this the number of people who use it infrequently […]

  • Editor’s opinion: political thoughts for 2015

    Editor’s anti-dote to the post holiday blues…political thoughts. By Judith Stamps Totally My Opinion:  Conundrums To Consider For 2015. 1. This may well be the last issue of Cannabis Digest before the next Canadian federal election…if, that is, there is to be a spring election.  Evidence for an early election:  Conservative Senator Mike Duffy’s trial […]


    How the NDP missed its chance to come out strong on marijuana, and why it’s not too late to make it right By Dana Larsen For four decades, the NDP was the standard-bearer for sensible marijuana laws.  From the time of the LeDain Commission report of 1971, it was the most progressive voice in Parliament […]

  • Libby Leads Battle for Reform : History of Downtown Eastside’s Champion

    Libby Davies came to Vancouver in 1969 after immigrating to Canada with her family in 1968. She was involved in grassroots community organizations from that time on in Vancouver, with a focus on the Downtown Eastside—she dropped out of university in 1973 to help found the Downtown Eastside Residents Association (DERA) with Bruce Erik- sen, […]

  • Mulcair, Marijuana, and the NDP

    By Dana Larsen Hello my friends, here are some thoughts about the drug policy reform movement, the New Democratic Party, and Thomas Mulcair. First off, I backed Peggy Nash’s leadership bid, and worked hard to elect her, along with End Prohibition Directors Nicole Seguin and Jacob Hunter—they set up her BC phone bank and database. […]

  • End Prohibition By Bidding For The Province’s Top Spot

    By Kristen Mann Tell me about the first time you used cannabis. The first time I smoked pot? The very first time was at a Pink Floyd concert and I was 17, or close to 18, and I didn’t really get much of an effect from it the first time, although it was a pretty […]