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What’s up Doc? Strain Science and The Hemp Car (EP 013)

What’s up Doc?; Strain Science; The Hemp Electric Car and more from the Cannabis Digest this week December 6th – December12th, 2014

with Owen Smith

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Dean Schwind

I once overheard a young #doctor say to another on an elevator ride, “So, I said to the nurse, look I didn’t invest 150,000 dollars in my education to be lectured by some construction worker about herbs and flowers”.

What’s Up Doc? – Cannabis Digest




Judith Stamps

Cannabis Digest editor Judith Stamps on High Times’ Forty-Year Self-Published History

Review: High Times: A 40-Year History of the World’s Most Infamous Magazine




Adam Greenblat

At this year’s Family #Medicine Forum, physicians on both sides of the medical #cannabis debate expressed serious reservations about how cannabis strains are named and marketed

Cannabis Strains: From Slang to Science – Cannabis Digest




Ted Smith

You know Time-Warp and Big Bud and Durban and Burmese,
Indoor and hashish and oil and cookies,
But do you recall,
The most famous outdoor of all?

Rudolf the Red-Haired Outdoor – Cannabis Digest




Owen Smith


“Hayley’s Comet is a patented cultivar with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio that was found, tested and continues to be researched by Dr. Paul Hornby in Vancouver with the intention of making it available to all patients.”

A Mother’s Quest for CBD: Hayley’s Comet – Cannabis Digest




Diane Walsh

“Motive Industries Inc. is changing the face of #car manufacturing by simultaneously employing #Hemp and electric in their vision for the industry’s future”

The Hemp Bio-composite Electric Car – Cannabis Digest


Owen Smith
I have been writing for the Cannabis Digest since 2009, covering a wide range of topics related to medical cannabis. My articles are closely related to the constitutional challenge I launched in response to charges i received while making edible and topical cannabis medicines for members of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club. I cover the many details of our successful challenge while comparing and contrasting with medical cannabis movements around the world.

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