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I was watching a documentary recently and they stated, at one point it could be considered a crime to distribute or promote anything that showed an interracial couple in a positive light. Even standing together. WOW

I grew up in Toronto – The ‘melting pot’ of Canada  😉 If not the world. We have such a great mix of different cultures from all over the world!  I did not grow up thinking  we were different. Thank God 😉   Only in our ‘personalities’!

To think, breast feeding was prohibited and could land a mother with a hungry baby in jail!?
I can’t imagine what kind of police officer would follow through with such a task BUT, if you check out some videos shared on Facebook today, you will soon learn there ARE  many compassionless officers who could care less about humanity – never mind the ones THEY perceive to be doing wrong.

Now – growing a plant. A simple task many millions of humans have done since the beginning of time. To feed, nourish, medicate & celebrate!  A basic way of LIFE. FOR all to share.
I can’t help but think time and time again – who the FU*K made these rules?
I know exactly who!  OLD, ignorant men. Now all dead.
No longer living in this day and age! No clue of what’s happening today.
Long gone .. but the rules remain for years after.  The first two boxes of this comic were overturned by society for their stupidity and CRUELTY.  I also  want to remind you that being ‘Gay’ was considered a crime and prohibited.

Not letting people grow anything – that helps feed or heal – is CRIMINAL.
Another nasty old rule who’s time has come.
We are expected to grow as we age mentally , physically and spiritually if we are lucky…
grow and know…

No victim – no crime.


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